About Us

O For Other is a collective blogging project that explores histories, narratives and cultures that might say something different about the world. Through investigations of objects, broadly defined, we explore the ordinary, the imaginary and the fugitive.

We locate ourselves loosely in the Malay archipelago, the Austronesian world, the nanyang, the Sanskrit cosmopolis, the countries below the wind, (3.137833, 101.696975). These spatial markers exist as points of departure, not as geographical boundaries.

Imagine a blog that accommodates the photographical reveries of a solitary worker in the geography of her Bangsar South cubicle, the creations of a Minecraft player dreaming of a world in Esperanto and the writings of a PLUS-highway toll collector who believes lyric poetry is still possible after Auschwitz.

What We Publish

We explore some of these ideas and stories by investigating a host of objects, sites, spaces, films, photography, cultural phenomena and texts. We’re keen to try out different things, and we’re open to publishing works such as memoirs, interviews, film commentaries, photo essays, poetry, reporting, fiction, video and audio pieces.


We provide a token of appreciation for every article published on the site. Pitch to us or send your finished article to o4other@gmail.com.

Want to contribute but have no idea where to begin? Contact us and we are more than happy to sit down, have a chat and help you find direction.