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Chun Kit’s intellectual curiosity is driven by a desire to lead an examined life. He also happens to inhabit the body of a twunk, enjoys Ru Paul’s drag race and dances to 90s Mandopop. These wide-ranging predilections - from the arcane mechanics of high finance (which he moonlights five days a week) to the theatrical flairs of drag culture, makes him a quintessential voice of his generation.

Lay Sheng is public policy researcher and tea connoisseur. When he is not bugging his friends for emotional affirmation, he watches Tsai Ming Liang films, dabbles in design and dives deep into the archives to look for stories about women in history. Lay Sheng's goal in life is to live in Kelantan and marry an English Poet. He ocassionally lets out deeply guarded secrets on twitter @yaplaysheng

Noelle is a historian with a predilection toward studying and acquiring photographs and maps, especially if they concern her hometown of Zamboanga. She can frequently be found with a spoonful of sugar in close proximity. Those around her fervently believe that in a former life, Noelle was a warrior queen for the Sulu Sultanate.

Sheau is a Penangite whose itinerant life has brought her far beyond the shores of the "insufferable" island (her own words!). After a stint at Yale, a few months spent on the road in the Indonesian archipelago, she has now descended in our grubby mud valley, prepared to take it all in with the starry-eyed curioisity. When she is not studying spaces with the critical eye of an architect, she dreams of being a high Javanese princess in the contemporaneous age of Borobudur's construction.

Simon is a scholar, reader and crusader of the arts. He enjoys engaging in long conversations with strangers (which annoys his friends to no end) to discover unique life stories and trajectories that reveal the possibilities of living a compelling life that is not limited by the norms and expectations of mainstream society. In past lives, Simon was a practitioner of the dark arts, but he now accumulates good karma by nurturing young minds. He instagrams @simonsegera.

Our team is constantly seeking new people. Drop us an email @ o4other@gmail.com to inquire more!


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